You have to deeply understand the essence of a product in order to be able to get rid of the parts that are not essential

Sir Jonathan Ive


Younique Yachts seeks to understand the essence of what customers want, using this knowledge to design and build yachts. We have fully completed our task when these yachts perform, look like, feel and are easy to handle exactly the way you want them.

That requires great effort and attention to detail. Custom building is about what the owner wants. But we keep in mind the needs of captain and crew as well. After all, they will be the ones handling and maintaining the yacht for the owner.

Cognitive intimacy

Custom-made building always takes a team-effort.

The various activities of all the parties involved have to be coordinated efficiently. Younique Yachts makes sure, however, that to the customer the entire process remains transparent.

To meet your wishes, we select the very best experts for you,  who all share the same goal. For you this means: one contact person, a clear-cut agreement, higher quality and lower costs. During the entire  process a team of dedicated professionals will be working on your yacht, with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, each with its own focus, working together towards a common goal.


Limousine tender

Depending on the size of the tender-store, the overall length can be up to 12,5 m. The weight distribution will be defined by the load capacity of the cranes. The accommodation is temperature controlled and fitted with longitudinal seating. There are coolers and lockers for drinks and hand luggage. With a top speed of 40 knots and a range of 250 nm, the vessel is suited for transport of the owner and his or her guests. Its high stability and sea-kindly performance makes boarding and sailing pleasant and comfortable. The vessel is propelled by 2 sterndrives and fitted with a bow thruster. The response and steering are finely tuned and accurate.

Open tender

Depending on the size of the tender-store, the overall length can be up to 12,5 m. The weight distribution will be defined by the load capacity of the cranes. The vessel has a flush deck and is fitted with comfortable seats and deck furniture. Water sport gear can be stored on board. With a top speed of 40 knots, a range of 350 nm and high stability, this vessel is suited for recreational use by the owner and his or her guests. The vessel is propelled by 2 sterndrives or 2 water jets. The handling is smooth, making the vessel easy to operate by both the owner and the crew.


The vessel is seaworthy and well-equipped for sailing in unsheltered waters. The average length is 15 m. With a top speed of 30 knots and a range of 500 nm, the vessel is perfect for sailing long distances. Its great seakeeping ability makes it comfortable and safe in all weather conditions. The vessel has a cockpit with comfortable seats. The temperature controlled accommodation is equipped with a bed, galley and toilet. The vessel is propelled by 2 conventional drive-systems. A diesel generator powers the Lithium-ion battery bank, making the vessel self-supporting.


Concept; Rib Depending on the size of the tender store, the overall length can be up to 12 m. The hypalon tube is integrated in the aluminium hull and bulwark. The engine room and steering position are positioned central on the flush aft-deck. With a top speed over 45 knots and a range of 300 nm, this vessel is suited for fast transport and support. The vessel is propelled by 1 sterndrive or waterjet. Handling is effective and basic.

The three you's in Younique Yachts

You; Owner

Concept design as a reection of the client’s taste There is nothing quite as personal as taste. Our designer understands your wishes and is skilled in translating them into 3-D visuals. These will show you exactly what your yacht will look like, exterior as well as interior. No sudden changes during the process. Only the feel of your yacht will still be a surprise.

Performance; Proven hull-concepts

The performance of a yacht may never play a minor role in the design. Our naval architect has therefore developed a number of hull shapes that have proven to be fast and comfortable. Every design is unique, by the way; the series was developed in consultation with the designer, so that he is always free to design a yacht which is and remains ‘one of a kind’.

Concept-based engineering

None of the yachts we deliver comes with a manual counting more than three pages. The yacht should fit your wishes so perfectly that it is clear to you how everything works. We will go into all the technical details, so that you do not have to.

YOU; Captain and Crew.

You know exactly what the owner’s wishes and habits are. You also know under which circumstances the yacht should perform optimally. We offer you the necessary tools to meet the owner’s expectations.

Time is of the essence

To Younique Yachts ‘custom-built’ entails that early in the process you are provided with a concrete list of specifications – measurements, propulsion, layout, installations and equipment – and the price that comes with it. We never present a client with a basic design, nor a rough price estimate, bearing the risk of unexpected costs later on in the process. The building specifications and building price we have agreed upon are our guideline for the construction of the yacht. We strive to keep the price as it was set.

Your Service, our support

It is your responsibility to keep the yacht in top condition. We will gladly make this task easier for you. Take the design for example. Special attention is paid to the point of view of those responsible for the maintenance of the yacht. Systems must be accessible, simple and reliable.

The equipment and systems we install on our yachts are guaranteed of the highest quality, and their spare parts are always readily obtainable. To facilitate the regular maintenance of the yacht we will provide you with a schedule for maintenance activities as well as a complete parts list with part numbers. With the diagnostic software on board you will be able to test the systems and timely locate any malfunctions.

If you give us permission to do so, we can monitor the system with a GPS-module. We can thus send you a message when it is time for a service and see to it that the parts in question are awaiting you at the location you are heading for.

YOU; Commissioner.

You have gained your client’s trust. We would like to help you fulfill your client’s wishes. For this we can offer you custom-made project management, detail engineering, construction and communication. With respect of course for the relationship you have already established with your client.

Custom-made; take your client’s measure

Good custom-made fits perfectly. Top-quality custom-made goes even beyond that. It requires thinking ahead, so that in future the product will still be a perfect fit, anticipating your client’s unconscious wishes. After first having been informed by you, together we will explore your client’s wishes and expectations. Then, in consultation with you, we will present your client with our plans and specifications.

Custom-made; budget

Change orders are meant to create flexibility, but in practice they are every so often used to force up the underestimated contract price. That, however, is not how we do things. We believe your client should be clear about what to expect. This inspires trust.

Custom made; fullfill and exceed expectations

Even before the actual building starts, your client is, thanks to 3-D visuals, able to get a realistic idea of what his yacht will look like. After the design phase it usually takes rather a long time before a client will see his dream come true. During the building phase he will get to see raw materials that seem to have little to do with what his yacht will eventually look like.

We believe it is very important for your client to have full trust during the entire process that the project is indeed in good hands. We will therefore regularly invite you and your client to visit our well-equipped yard to see how the construction of the yacht progresses. Your client’s trust will give the builder the freedom to achieve the best result possible.

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