Younique SEVEN (Alistair Gill and Veronika Schmid Design)

Younique SEVEN (Alistair Gill and Veronika Schmid Design)

Imaginative and out-of-the box thinking

By thinking out-of-the box and using their imagination the designers and shipyard have come up with a limousine tender that celebrates the joy of being outdoors on the water and the pleasure of navigation. Of course, the 12-metre yacht is fast, safe and comfortable. But it is also spacious, exceptionally stylish and fabulously luxurious.


The Younique Seven offers a modular, customizable and spacious interior, with full standing height. Its custom made seats, with integrated audio, sit in two recessed rails on both sides of the boat and can be rotated, reclined and removed easily. No unnecessary details clutter the interior or disturb the sleek design.

You “Owner”

Only the best materials are used to build the Younique Seven, and its design is as beautiful as it is flexible. With the impressive sun roof, the folding doors on port and starboard that double as diving platforms and its comfortable lounge areas for relaxing in the sun, this limousine tender is an exceptional pleasure to spend time on. It is not just a comfortable means of transportation. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to be close to the water and enjoy the ocean.

You “Captain and crew”

Combining lightweight aluminium build, carbon fibre construction and advanced hull design, the tender runs smoothly at speed in any sea state and can carry 12 people comfortably. A truly unique feature of the Younique Seven is that its roof can be lowered to a height of 2100 mm – so that it fits in the tender store – while maintaining full standing height when it’s open.

Brochure Younique Seven

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Younique Seven: Not a Typical Tender

Younique Yachts, which custom builds aluminum tenders and RIBs, has a 39-foot (12-meter) concept design meant for quite a particular owner. Judging from the looks of Younique Seven, that owner is not content with having a traditional tender, or even a traditional primary yacht. In fact, Younique Seven would suit someone not content with traditional anything, for that matter, other than comfort and the speed to get to and from shore quickly. Younique Seven bears design by Impossible Productions Ink and naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects. Besides the atypical styling, the 12-passenger boat boasts adaptable features.

The bottoms of the clamshell-like doors to each side double as swim platforms, for example. The roof (essentially a giant sunroof, given all of the glass) also lowers, as seen below, to 6’9” (2.1 meters). That way Younique Seven can stow in a tender garage. Three or four lifting points for davits are also available.

With integrated aft sun lounges, an espresso maker, sunpads, underwater lights, and removable awning posts, among other touches,

Younique Seven is well suited to a variety of activities and times of day. The beam of 12’8” (3.9 meters) means your party has plenty of elbow room to enjoy a few hours aboard if you so wish. And, twin 370-hp Yanmar stern drives should permit a thrilling top speed of 35 knots.

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