Younique SIX (Younique Yachts Design)

Younique SIX (Younique Yachts Design)

Multiple models based on one hull

After a study offered by a client of Younique Yachts, we came up with a design of both a limo tender and a rib. Both based on the same hull. Now the client gave us the opportunity to bring this into the market. 

So here they are. A 10 metre limousine tender and a same length rib. Both called the Younique SIX.

You “Owner”

Only the best materials are used to build the Younique SIX, and its design is done by Ygen, the design department of Younique Yachts. 

You “Captain and crew”

Combining lightweight aluminium build, the tender runs smoothly at speed in any sea state and can carry 8 people comfortably. Both types fit in most tender stores.

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